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Wires Jolley LLP is a corporate, trusts and estates litigation law firm in Toronto, Canada. Our lawyers have a proven track record of trial experience advocating for clients in trial and appellant courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

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The Honourable Justice Jennings

“CIBC participated fully in the trial, virtually taking the lead on the issues of the apparent alteration and original tenor. Frankly, I found the contribution of counsel for the CIBC [Karen Jolley], as unofficial “lead counsel” both in her cross-examinations and in argument to be extremely helpful.” – Franklin Traffic Service Inc. v. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

The Honourable Justice Belobaba

“There is, in my view, no doubt that Mr. Wires and his firm have performed heroically. Over seven years, Mr. Wires did battle with one of the most powerful American regulatory agencies, an agency with virtually unlimited legal resources and ably represented by the largest law firms in Canada, first BLG and now Gowlings. He eventually succeeded “against almost insurmountable odds” in setting aside the ex parte orders, getting a damages inquiry on the plaintiffs’ undertaking, and having the 2002 action stayed – and did all of this without being paid by his clients. This is surely a testament not only to the fortitude of the senior defence counsel, David Wires, but to his commitment, indeed passion, for justice.” – Federal Trade Commission and the United States of America v. Yemec

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  • In Rodgers v. CEVA, although the employee worked with the employer for less than three years, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice found that the terminated employee should be awarded damages for wrongful dismissal totalling $345,985 representing 14 months’ reasonable notice.

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